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Throughout the good and the bad, Russell has been helpful, he has been wise, he has been consistent, thorough, generous, supportive, encouraging, and most all he has been extremely patient!

There were certain aspects I had in mind that were important to me over and above just knowing how to sort out my PAYG tax burden, I wanted to explore aspects that reached well into the future. For instance: What would be the best way to purchase property for future growth, asset protection and family benefits for my 4 children down the track?

On behalf of myself, my wife, my four children and Oztopia, I whole-heartedly recommend anyone who may be seeking out a skilful accountant to see Russell and his team at Propel Business Group.He’s not only my accountant, but also part of our family.

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Harley Spencer, Managing Director - Oztopia

Being a small business I didn't have the budget for extravagant or un-necessary trusts and company structures. Darren Jones was easy to contact, a great communicator and made the process of establishing these structures fast and stress-free.

As a Doctor my time is limited, developing a partnership with the reliable team at Propel Business Group has been the cornerstone to the successful growth of my business. Thank you very much Darren and Propel Business Group

Dr Dennis Millard, Anaesthetics Registrar - Utopian Cosmetics

Propel Business Group are the Accountants for CRT (Aust) Pty Ltd T/a Azure HR and we have found the services to be:

    1. Timely
    2. Accurate
    3. Beneficial in terms of knowledge, advice and practical application tailored to my specific business and my specific circumstances
    4. Friendly and reliable staff
    5. Excellent customer service
    6. High level knowledge of financial services; in particular “the do’s” and “the don’ts”
    7. Great source of referral to help grow my business and to increase my exposure to other industries
    8. I have full confidence in knowing that my business is financially in-tune with where it needs to be both from an ATO perspective and my personal business growth / goals perspective
    9. Excellent “ideas team” at Propel Business Group who understand me as their client and who understand my business and what I need to do to grow my business
    10.   Propel Business Group are “Excellent Accountants”, “Excellent Business Developers” and “Excellent Professional Mentors”
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Adrian Robinson, Managing Director - Azure HR

Propel Business Group has been Accountant for nearly 20 years now. I first met Russell when I was a struggling Hotel Employee needing the best tax return possible. From our day’s back in Karratha is has been a pleasure to watch Russell build, develop and grow Propel Business Group as a successful business it is today.

Through our journey Russell and his team have helped me establish my own company, with Russell’s valued assistance in my acquisitions, setting up my family trust, setting up my chartered accounts, company tax, pay roll tax, federal audits, tax law and advise has been exemplary.

Over the years I consider Russell is my business mentor, company partner and also a good business friend who generally has my best interest in mind. Russell and Propel Business Group has a great ability to be truly happy with other people success, I can certainly be comfortable in saying that Russell and Propel Business Group has helped me be where I am today

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Rolf Chorley, Director - Terence Group Pty LTD


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