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Ready to break down the complex world of finance and start planning for a wealthier future? We can help get you there. Understanding what to do with your money is becoming more and more complex.

That’s where we can help. We simplify the financial environment, help you build a strong plan, create long-term, personalised strategies, and keep you on top of things as they change.

Good quality advice can do wonders for peace of mind and alleviating financial stress. Organise a friendly, no-obligation introduction to start taking control of your future now.


Gregg is our in-house Financial Planner and has a wealth of experience in this area after honing his craft for more than 14 years. He is currently a Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner and is working towards completing his Masters of Financial Planning, with a passion to stay informed of ever-changing legislation in order to provide the best possible advice to his clients.

Gregg has a genuine interest in helping people, to connect and have meaningful conversations so that he can understand what’s important to you and provide support, knowledge and guidance to help achieve your goals. His areas of specialisation include superannuation, wealth management, insurance, cashflow/debt management and retirement planning and he is also licensed to provide SMSF advice.

What clients are saying...

Since becoming clients of Gregg’s in 2012, my partner and I have not looked back. With Gregg’s specialist and needs-based advice, we are able to continue to make the decisions that have enabled us to build a rock solid foundation on which we are building on with certainty every year.

Meredith, Brighton, QLD

Gregg Zappara is a Sub Authorised Representative of Propel Wealth Pty Ltd, an Authorised Representative of GPS Wealth Pty (No. 1275320). An Authorised Representative of GPS Wealth Pty (No. 328848) | AFSL 254 544 | ABN 17 005 482 726 | | FSG & Privacy Part 1, Part 2


Paul is known to have a passion for helping people achieve their goals. He knows that many people have untapped assets that could be working for them, but are unsure how they can make the changes needed to use those assets to further grow their wealth.

They may have equity in a home and excess cash, but wonder if they should focus on paying off their mortgage, invest in shares, buy an investment property, set up an interest offset account – or a combination of all of these. Paul understands how making the right choice can impact the lifestyles of his clients now, and in the future.

He adopts a personal approach to his financial advisory services. Paul begins by ensuring he has a clear understanding of each client’s current position, clarifying their financial and lifestyle goals, identifying where opportunities lie and putting in place strategies to achieve those goals.

As well as having experience in the accounting and financial advisory areas, Paul is well credentialed. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Accounting) from Edith Cowen University in 1990.  He achieved his CPA in Accounting from Deakin University in 1997. He furthered his studies at the University of Western Sydney, becoming a qualified Certified Financial Planner, Financial Planning and Services in 1999.

In his personal time, Paul is a bit of a cycling fanatic, enjoys surfing and the beach as well as spending time with his family.

What clients are saying...

“We cannot thank you enough Paul for all your professional advice and guidance with our retirement financial planning since 2005. I had to finish my 35-year Ambulance Service career within a week due to my serious health issues. It was a very stressful time, we had not made any retirement plans when you visited us to assess our position and look at the way forward.

You will never know Paul just how much that you did for us that day. You lifted a huge load from us and set us on a very successful retirement plan. While there have been adjustments along the way, your advice and guidance has always been just the best direction for us. How can we ever thank you Paul for all that you have done. It has been a wonderful 17-year journey and we have lived a very comfortable lifestyle during those years. All because of your advice and excellent financial planning ability.

We really wanted you to know that we admire the way you operate such a business of high repute. We also highly respect you so much for your business ethics and just importantly your very personable and friendly disposition. It has all meant so much to us.”

Paul Holly is a Sub Authorised Representative of Propel Wealth Pty Ltd, an Authorised Representative of GPS Wealth Pty (No. 1275320). An Authorised Representative of GPS Wealth Pty (No. 290152) | AFSL 254 544 | ABN 17 005 482 726 | | FSG & Privacy Part 1, Part 2



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