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Monthly Archives: June 2018

6. Smart Super Strategies 3

Is It Time For A Super Review? Picture this... when you were 21 years old your well-meaning but financially inept uncle put $1,000 into an ordinary bank account for you with instructions to leave it there and let the bank’s interest turn it into a fortune. You followed his directions only to discover 34 years…
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6. Smart Super Strategies 2

The Benefits of Super Splitting. Some superannuation funds allow you to split employer or tax deductible contributions with your spouse. Why would you do it? These four case studies show possible benefits. Case 1 Dave and Beth are 52 and want to retire when they are 56 in order to access their superannuation. Dave has…
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6. Smart Super Strategies 1

Boost Your super Before June 30 The end of the financial year is rapidly approaching and, along with it, the opportunity to claim a tax deduction on additional superannuation contributions. Why contribute more to super? Superannuation does impose restrictions on access to your money. It is, after all, intended to provide for your retirement. So…
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5. Own An Investment Property

Entering the Investment Property Market.  Purchasing a property for investment purposes can involve a different set of considerations compared to purchasing a home to live in. Here are some tips to get you started.   Which Rental Market? First, decide if your property will cater for the budget rental market, mid-level rentals or the executive…
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